Delhi gang-rape accused commits suicide in jail

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Ram Singh, key accused in fatal Dec. 16
gang-rape of a female student in Delhi.
New Delhi: The prime accused in fatal December 16 gang-rape of a female student in Indian capital, allegedly committed suicide on Monday morning in a New Delhi jail.

As per media reports, Ram Singh hanged himself at around 5 am in Tihar Jail, which is believed to be one of most secure and modern prisons in India.

Ram Singh, who along with his five accomplices, raped and assaulted the 23- year -old paramedical student, had to appear before Saket court for the trial of same case on Monday.

According to jail authorities, an inquiry had been ordered to ascertain the facts.

With main accused now being dead, it will be a matter of wait and watch as to how trial will proceed in the case, which has generated widespread media coverage.

Notably, the December 16 incident was condemned by various groups both in India and abroad including the United Nations.

Subsequently, public protests against the Indian government for not providing adequate security to women took place in New Delhi, where thousands of protesters clashed with security forces.
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