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news.BDTV.in is a leading global news portal with a special focus on crisis reporting, development and third world stories. Owned and operated by New Delhi-based Beyond Dimensions Television, the portal strives to master in bringing forth unconventional stories with real-time analysis and rational perspective, along with dealing with daily news stories on unique and different angles. 

Apart from specials, news.BDTV.in offers latest news and information on subjects related with politics, business, sports, technology, environment, entertainment and lifestyle, etc.

The portal has truly championed the multimedia-way of story-telling. 

In conjunction with its globally acclaimed content partners, news.BDTV.in provides LIVE streaming of important international events. Moreover, in a first-of-its-kind offering, the site puts up specially curated five-minute AV news wrap enlisting day's top stories.

Backed with a team of seasoned media professionals, working round the clock to keep the world abreast with news stories missed by mainstream media, news.BDTV.in has content sharing and syndication arrangements with several prominent news outlets.

The Team: