Italians vote in landmark parliamentary elections

Monday, February 25, 2013
Four-time  Silvio Berlusconi wants to
become Prime Minister again
Rome: Italians are voting in an unpredictable parliamentary election that has pitted mainstream parties against a powerful anti-establishment force.

As per analyst Italy is in its worst recession in two decades. Unemployment is above 11% and rising, while the public debt mountain as a proportion of GDP is second only to Greece in the eurozone. 

Opinion polls put center-left leader Pier Luigi in front, but analysts aren't sure he will be able to form a stable majority to push through the economic reforms Italy needs.

Also expected to poll strongly is Silvio Berlusconi, the four-time prime minister who has promised tax refunds and staged a media blitz in an attempt to win back voters in recent weeks.

People of Italy voting in the crucial polls opened on February 24 and 25, with first results expected early on February 26.
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