Euro MPs demand India to improve handling of rape cases

Monday, January 21, 2013
European Parliament in Brussels
[PHOTO: Steve Cadman/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0] 
Brussels/Strasbourg/New Delhi: European Parliament (EP) has demanded immediate action to improve the handling of rape and sexual assault cases by the Indian police and condemned all form of sexual violence, with a specific reference to the treatment of Dalit women and girls.

In a news release posted on EP’s website, the members (MEPs) welcomed “the great wave of solidarity in India and internationally with rape victims and hopes that this will help speed up the necessary reforms."

MEPs further pointed out that, as a democratic partner of the EU, India must "uphold the rule of law and ensure respect for fundamental and human rights, in particular women's rights." They regretted the lack of assistance for victims and called for open trials in cases of sexual violence.

Parliament also called on the EU and the member states to prioritise programmes addressing violence against women and focusing on women and girls.

Notably, recent and apparently increased sexual assaults in India has triggered national and global outrage, subsequently bringing shame to the New Delhi government.
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