In Pics: Modi’s victory; development and Gujarat’s hope

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ahmedabad: With registering landslide triumph, Narendra Modi has created a niche for himself in the history of Gujarat politics and he also has propelled himself as a strong contender in the Prime Ministerial race in 2014.

Narendra Modi filing his nomination prior to elections 

Except in north Gujarat, the BJP seems to have not lost much anywhere. The emphatic victory is because of the urban middle class's identification with Modi and Modi's identification with them.

Narendra Modi showing victory fingers sign after casting his vote in the elections 

The Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP) led by Keshubhai Patel, which was widely predicted to damage the BJP’s fortunes, ended with a whimper winning only three seats while the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)won two seats while Janata Dal-U one seat.

CM meets Keshubhai Patel soon after results of 2012 Gujarat Elections declared 

Modi seems to be on the road to sealing his status as the most high-profile leader of the BJP ahead of national polls in early 2014.

Mr. Modi sought the blessings of his Mother after the declaration of the 2012 Gujarat Assembly election results.

Modi seeks his Mother's blessing after declaration of result for 2012 Gujarat Assembly elections 
Though, Gujarat’s voters have given Modi exactly what he deserved for his extensive development in the state and for building Gujarat with the synonyms of economic progress.

Gujarat dedicates 600 MW solar power to the nation

But surely, Gujaratis have not given Modi enough to make him the BJP's 'undeclared' prime ministerial candidate too soon. The Congress party has lost disgracefully, but somewhere its strategy has worked in not giving Modi 'open skies' as Congress leader and External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said.

The hyped expectations will slow Modi down for some time, but it won't restrict his ambitions.

According to KPMG, Sabarmati Riverfront Project is among the most innovative in the world 

In Gujarat, even smaller towns have an urban sensibility and rural areas are increasingly coming under the influence of the urban ethos. Modi has reaped the benefits of the urbanisation of Gujarat once again.

Ahmedabad’s Bus Rapid Transport System
Finally Modi has headed for a third consecutive term in Gujarat as a chief minister; but there was never an iota of doubt about about Modi's victory.

Surely, the real issue at the stake in these polls was not the electoral map of Gujarat but the political future of Mr, Modi.
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