Ramdev to end fast today but vows to continue his agitation

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Yoga guru Baba Ramdev
New Delhi: Addressing a huge gathering at Ambedkar stadium Baba Ramdev on Tuesday morning said he will end his fast at 11 am on the sixth day of protest but his movement against black money and graft will continue as he declared that his fight was not yet over.

After an unsuccessful eviction of Baba Ramdev from Ambedkar stadium despite of several persuasive attempt by Delhi police, a defiant Ramdev and his supporters spent Monday night camping inside Delhi's Ambekar stadium even after being released.

They refused to leave the area. The night passed peacefully without any report of turmoil and untoward incidents.

Meanwhie, Delhi police requested Baba Ramdev to vacate the Ambedkar stadium before August 15 due to security concerns. But Ramdev has been non committal. He however, requested to media not to highlight his agitation until Independence Day get over.

Ramdev started the day with Yoga on Tuesday and appealed to the public to come out in large numbers.
Though Ramdev has announced to end his fast at 11 am but will continue his agitation at the Ambedkar stadium.

When asked where he has scheduled to hoist the tricolour, Ramdev said he hoist the nation’s tricolour at the Ambedkar stadium if Delhi police will allow him to do so.

While addressing endless crowd at Ambedkar stadium Ramdev on Tuesday morning hinted that the government may try to evict him and if so it will be a landmark in the history and said he will announce his next course of action before ending his fast.

Ramdev held an early morning strategy session with his close aides to fine tune the future course of his protest.

Earlier, on Monday Ramdev defied the police and consequently detained by the Delhi police when he tried to march to Parliament. Ramdev remained non-committal on ending his fast despite being freed by the police at Ambedkar stadium and with his supporters he spent the whole night there.  

The yoga guru, who is campaigning against black money and graft, on Monday evening refused to leave the Ambedkar stadium along with his supporters.

Ramdev protest is not less than a distraught for the Congress-run UPA government as even some stalwart allies like Bhaujan Samaj Party (BSP) and Samajwadi Party (SP) who supporting the government from outside have also showed their solidarity to fight against the graft and black money.

The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) also has created ruckus in both the house of the Parliament on Monday over the issue of black money demanding that the government should create a time frame and should declare a concrete strategy to bring back the black bucks stashed away abroad.      
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