Ramdev ends his fast against graft

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Ramdev while addressing his supporters at Ambedkar Stadium
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New Delhi: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev ended his six day fast against money on Tuesday and said he would leave for his ashram in Haridwar.

Ramdev ended his fast by drinking a glass of lime juice offered to him by two children. He also had food offered by one of his followers who he claimed was 100 years old. 

Baba Ramdev and his supporters have vacated the Ambedkar Stadium after the yoga guru ended his fast.

This came after the deadline was given to Ramdev in view of the Independence Day celebrations tomorrow at the nearby Red Fort. 

Striking chord with thousands of his supporters at Ambedkar Stadium Ramdev added that there will be no more fasts till the next Lok Sabha elections in 2014 but the movement against black money and graft will continue.

Before breaking his fast at Ambedkar Stadium on Tuesday Ramdev slammed the Congress government and termed it the most corrupted regime ever since independence.

Addressing his supporters at the Stadium, Ramdev said, “We are not leaving defeated. We are leaving victorious as all parties have come in support of us.” 

Ramdev slammed the Congress government and shouted the slogan of Congress hatao, desh bachao (remove congress and save the nation).

Taking on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Ramdev called him a man controlled by remote and said we are ashamed of him that he is bound to keep mum.

Asserting that Prime Minister should understand his accountability and should respect his role or else he should quite.

“PM should give answer to the nation on black money and corruption in his Independence Day speech,” he added.

Accusing Congress of most corrupt government the nation has since independence and it was unwilling to declare the unaccounted money stashed away abroad as national assets.

“The Congress has been defamed by its own deeds, not by us,” he said. 

Ramdev said “if we wanted we could have stopped the Manmohan Singh from unfurling the national flag at Red Fort but we would not do any such thing as we believe in non-violence.” 

Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi, Ramdev said “we don’t do drama by going to poor people’s huts, we have taken birth there” and lived the life of village. 

He also hit out at P Chidambaram, saying Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde was not as cruel as his predecessor. 

Ramdev took potshots at Prime minister Manmohan Singh saying he should not go to the Gurudwara. "He should not go to the Gurudwara and insult Guru Granth Sahib, he should become a baba like us," Ramdev said.

Targeting the Congress, Ramdev said, "The Congress has proved it is the most corrupt party. The Congress should surely lose elections but we will disclose the name of the party that should win elections, only closer to elections," Ramdev said.

"I haven't eaten or taken a bath for five days, I will now go straight to take a dip in the river Ganga," Ramdev said indicating taht he would head to Haridwar.

A defiant Ramdev and his supporters spent Monday night camping inside Delhi's Ambedkar stadium even after being released.

Ramdev held an early morning strategy session with his close aides to fine tune the future course of his protest.
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