Indian government may use armed forces to tackle Naxalism

Wednesday, August 08, 2012
New Delhi: Indian Army was not yet being used to tackle problem of Naxalism in country.

But, now the government has constituted a Review Group to promote coordinated efforts across a range of development & security activities to tackle naxal problems in the affected areas in a comprehensive manner.

The Group has Cabinet Secretary as its Chairman and its members are drawn from all concerned Ministries. 

This information was given by Defence Minister AK Antony in a written reply to Parvez Hashmi in Rajya Sabha on Wednsday.  

The "Red Terror" of Naxals regularly has triggered off an awakening call for the authorities in recent- not in the cause of national security and integrity, but to protect and preserve the tribal people and their rich culture and identity.

"The Naxals, who describe themselves as the 'protectors of the tribals', are in reality, a menace to that community and other villagers in naxal affected districts," Antony said.
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