[Video] Syrian government forces slaughter 200 Sunnis: activists

Friday, July 13, 2012
WARNING: [Quite disturbing footage]-- This video contains images of the wounded and dead. Syrian rebels say an attack onthe town of Tremseh, near the besieged city of Hama, has killed more than 200people. The Hama Revolutionary Council said the village was surrounded, thenbombarded with shells and tank rounds.

Video of the massacre uploaded by a Syrian outfit

Damascus: Syrian opposition activists allegedthat at least 200 Syrians, mostly civilians, were killed in Treimseh, saying that governmentforces shelled and then stormed the small town in Hama province.

“Treimseh hadbeen bombarded by Syrian forces using helicopters and tanks in a bid to reclaimthe town from rebels,” a Britainbased Syrian observatory human rights said.

If the claim madeby activists is true then it would be the worst single incident of violence in16 months of conflict in which rebels are fighting to topple President Basharal-Assad and diplomacy to halt the bloodshed has been stymied by jostlingbetween world powers.

Reportedly, Syrianstate television said three security personnel had been killed in fighting inTaramseh and it accused "armed terrorist groups" of committing amassacre there.

Earlier on Thursday,antigovernment activists posted videos online claiming that Syrian forces hadadded unguided cluster bombs, designed to maximize damage and casualties,to their arsenal.
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