New facebook app to fulfill people's travel fantasies

Monday, July 30, 2012
Bolton, England: A leading independent travel company has launched an app that enables people to share their travel 'dreams' with the chance to win GBP10,000 towards their ideal holiday.

Research from Travel Counsellors has shown that when it comes to travelling to dream holiday destination, a whopping 70% of people are yet to venture on their ideal trip. In a recent survey completed by over 1,800 respondents, 68% agreed with the statement that our dreams make us who we are, but just 30% of the people claimed to have actually taken their 'dream' trip, with 71% of these saying it met all their expectations.

When naming their ideal getaway, almost half of the responses were from those seeking a relaxing escape, followed by people who fancied a journey of exploration and discovery, with another travel favourite from participants being the idea of taking a luxury cruise holiday.

However, over two thirds of people are still to fulfil their travel dreams, with the most popular reasons being work and family commitments, plus time and budget restraints.

In response to this, the travel firm has launched its own 'Dreams' campaign to enable people to share their travel dreams virally across the web with the chance of actually making their own come true.

"We have launched this campaign because we feel that people often lose sight of their dreams in their busy day-to-day lives, and as a company that focuses on personal service and making people's dreams come true we have the ability to make a difference," says Travel Counsellors Managing Director Steve Byrne.

"So we have launched our special Dream-maker App, hosted on Facebook and allowing people to submit their dream holiday with the chance to win GBP10,000 towards their dream break. It really can be anything, from a round-the-world adventure to your own desert island getaway - we don't limit people to what they can submit and we have already had some great entries. We encourage people to get involved, engage with others and be in with a chance of making their dream trip a reality."

Dreamers can search for the Dream-maker App on Facebook and submit their own dream along with pictures. Visitors can also gain inspiration from a dedicated area within the site, with details on once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as becoming a real cowboy in the Montana desert or being looked after by your own private butler in an exclusive Caribbean hideaway.

The company envisages that the campaign will spread virally as people share and vote for each other's 'dreams' via the Facebook app, and will be announcing the winning entry in September this year.
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