Strengthen internal security while protecting fundamental rights, say Euro MPs

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Strasbourg: Fundamental rights should be respected in all instances when applying the EU's Internal Security Strategy, says a resolution adopted by Parliament on Tuesday. MEPs also want proper funding for this strategy in the 2014-2020 financial framework.

"There is a climate of insecurity because of the crisis and some people will take advantage of this to carry out violent activities. That is why we need a consistent EU security strategy. Security needs to be guaranteed by respecting the rule of law and fundamental rights", explained rapporteur Rita Borsellino (S&D, IT) in a debate on Monday. The resolution was approved with 503 votes in favour, 55 against and 56 abstentions.

In November 2010, the Commission tabled a communication setting out guidelines for a new common EU Internal Security Strategy (ISS). The aim is to step up the fight against organised crime, terrorism and cybercrime, improve the management of external borders and respond better to natural or man-made disasters.

Protecting fundamental rights

All measures taken to implement the ISS "have to comply with the Union's fundamental rights and obligations" and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, underlines the resolution. MEPs also stress that the EU must ensure respect for human rights in the fight against terrorism if it is to be a "credible" international player.

Terrorism and organised crime, key priorities

The fight against terrorism and organised crime - including mafias, white collar crime, fiscal fraud and corruption-, must remain a key priority, say MEPs, who also highlight the need to freeze the funds of suspected terrorists.

Furthermore, the EU must focus on targeted law enforcement and intelligence-driven operations to prevent terrorist attacks. Member States are urged to develop  mechanisms to detect and prevent violent radicalisation and threats, especially in "vulnerable populations".
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