Five things you can do in life if decided to remain a bachelor

Thursday, May 26, 2016
Five things you can do in your life if you have decided to remain a bachelor
It becomes imperative to make most of a life that has less to do with family issues and obligations. 
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By Yogesh Pandey

People who decide against getting married are confronted with questions as to what would be the purpose of life without marriage, the reason for taking this unusual decision and several other whys surround the person from all the sides, from friends to relatives and family.

However, considering the societal clutches one finds himself in, it becomes a tedious job to satisfy everyone with the rationales and reasons.

Moreover, the reasons for taking this decision may vary from one individual to another. But, it becomes imperative to make most of a life that has less to do with family issues and obligations. 

Here are five ways that will change the way one perceives a life without getting hitched.

1# Read Books: It is for the wisdom and knowledge seekers who do not give up on knowing. Books on Religion, Philosophy, Economics, Psychology, Politics, Law, different genres of novels, Biographies, and sports can be read to satisfy the quest for knowledge. Those who do not have the latter, can develop the same and transform their lives.

2# Write: With ample of knowledge acquired through extensive reading, one can try his hand on penning down thoughts that will have a continuous influx once reading becomes steady. Writing extensively on subjects mentioned above, digging deeper, developing ideas, making your own conclusions and opinions, and engaging in constructive debates can make life interesting and better.

3# Explore the World: This is the practical way to know yourself and the world, one of the things that every great individual did before they became factory of ideas. Those who have a decent job or enterprise can afford to travel the world every weekend or fortnight with handheld camera, meeting people, getting acquainted with their cultures, problems, joys, and discovering new things. A travel blog dedicated to your travels can be made for recording the moments with words.

4# Help People: This is the application of what one has gained through reading, writing and exploring the world. The ideas thus created will be utilized for the service of mankind by helping people in their thick and thins, helping students achieve their goals, counseling people who are stressed, arranging for the education of marginalized children to uplift them from poverty etc.

5# Simply Follow Your Passion: We all like a thing or two to do endlessly without feeling even an iota of exhaustion. We all have one thing which by a mere mention lifts our spirit up, energizes our acts, engages us to the core, and gives an adrenaline rush. Stuffs like, sports, painting, music, trekking, mountaineering, river-rafting, sky-diving, swimming, scuba-diving, reading, writing etc that one is fond of can broaden the purpose of life with ease, giving it an entire new meaning.

P.S: The article does not contain any anti-marriage overtones. The things mentioned in this article can also be done even if the person is married, but the writer is of the view that one gets enough time to follow his passions if he is not married.

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