Indian man sets world record for nose typing

Friday, January 02, 2015
Mohammed Khursheed Hussain holds an unusual record – for typing with his nose
[PHOTO: Special Arrangements]
Hyderabad: 23-year-old Mohammed Khursid Hussain, from India, holds an unusual Guinness World Record title for typing with his nose.

He bagged the title by typing out a 103 character sentence. It took him an unbelievably quick 47.44 seconds to type ‘Guinness World Records has challenged me to type this sentence using my nose in the fastest time’ .

[Video: Special Arrangements]

Hussain who hails from Hyderabad managed the impressive feat after enduring six-hour practice sessions every day for three years.

He smashed the previous record, set in Dubai in 2008, by nearly half the time.

And this wasn’t down to good luck either. Mohammed says that he practised up to six hours every day, for three years.

Impressively, he also holds the record for the fastest time to type the alphabet in a time of 3.43 seconds.(although this was achieved with his hands).
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