Assad criticises Britain’s intervention in Syrian conflict

Sunday, March 03, 2013
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad [FILE PHOTO: SANA]
Damascus: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday criticized Britain’s intervention in the Syria crisis accusing Syria of playing an "unconstructive role" and meddling with the affairs in the region.

Calling the UK’s involvement naive and unrealistic Assad warned other nations to stop interfering in his country's affairs, in a rare interview with The Sunday Times newspaper.

"This (British) government is acting in a naive, confused and unrealistic manner," he said of prime minister David Cameron's conservative leadership, for trying to end an EU arms embargo so that the rebels could be supplied with weapons.

His remarks come amid pledges of direct aid to the armed Syrian rebels from the UK and US.
Assad singled out Britain as a "shallow and immature" power.

"The problem with this government is that their shallow and immature rhetoric only highlights this tradition of bullying and hegemony," he said.

Britain, along with most of Western Europe, the United States, and several Arab states, have backed Syria's opposition in rejecting any role for Assad in a future Syrian government.

Britain has been pushing for the lifting of a European ban on arms supplies to Syrian rebels.

At a meeting last month, European Union foreign ministers decided instead to allow only "nonlethal" aid and "technical assistance" to flow to Syria's opposition.

Inside Syria, the army command claimed it had wiped out remnants of "terrorist agents and mercenaries" in the area that links the government-controlled central city of Hama with Aleppo's international airport.
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