Many killed in military operation against terrorists in Syria

Saturday, February 02, 2013
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Damascus: Units of the armed forces carried out several qualitative operations while pursuing armed terrorist groups Douma and Harasta farms, Erbeen and Beit Sahem in Damascus countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them, Syrian state news agency SANA reported.

An official source told Syrian state news agency that a unit of the armed forces destroyed in a qualitative operation in Douma and Harasta farms a 23mm anti-aircraft gun and a car along with the terrorists inside it.

Weapons including automatic rifles, machineguns, RPG rounds and amounts of ammos were seized in the operation.

Several terrorists were killed, among them Ibrahim Abu Yassin, Ziad al-Saghir, a leader of the so-called Qamar bani Hasehm brigade, Karam al-Khouli, also a leader of a terrorist group, in addition to the terrorists Mohammad Khair Salaas, Fouad al-Hallak, Ayham Mustafa Razzoul and Bilal Abdul-Kafi Zaitoun.

In Erbeen, a unit of the armed forces destroyed vehicles for terrorists in a qualitative operation against their gatherings in the town, killing a number of them, among them Bashar Eid Dallal, a leader of a terrorist group, and Eid Kreida.

Another unit pursued a terrorist group in Beit Sahem in the eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside, killing and injuring its members.

Electricity workshops in Damascus countryside commenced work to repair the electricity grid in Aqraba where the army restored security and stability a week ago, after eliminating the terrorists who wreaked havoc in the town.
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