A dose of Modi-nomics and a vision for vibrant India

Wednesday, February 06, 2013
Gujarat chief minister Narendra addressing students of SRCC, Business Conclave New Delhi
New Delhi: Neither the history nor the ideology has comes to an end, what needed is to take up the cudgels for change, that’s probably Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi have exhorted in his address to the gathering  at Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), New Delhi on Wednesday.

In his address that lasted nearly an hour Modi’s speech had all elements that won accolades from over 2,000 students assembled at the college stadium. With his all facts, figure and statics with anecdotes and jokes Modi was yet to mobilize the crowd that he have solution to all the problems the country faces.

Waving to the eager crowd Modi made his appearance on the dais and students were agog to listen him they were not disappointed as he spoke fluently from his heart. This prompted the SRCC Principal, PC Jain, to call the occasion a memorable day in the history of the college.

Striking chord with the students of SRCC (one of the best commerce and economics colleges in the country) Modi spoke about development, economic and social growth and branding of the country with the advancement of technology that had the strength to project India as jagat guru (world leader) on the global platform.

Speaking on ‘Emerging business model in the global scenario’, Modi said the growth of the nation lies in the development of the industry and agriculture with a sense of good governance and willingness to change the system.

Narendra Modi addressing students at SRCC

Mr.Modi said Gujarat has followed P2G2- Pro People, Good Governance and nation too can progress following the footstep of his state.

“Rulers often follow path of fire-fighting. But they must visualize things, discover new things, and dream to bring about change,” Modi said.

Modi said that the Gujarat model of governance was based on the three economic sectors - 1/3rd Agriculture, 1/3rd Industry and 1/3rd Service sector. He said that the Gujarat government gave primary attention to agriculture.

He urged the youth to stop complaining about the nation’s economic condition and instead be a part of positive change.

Emphasizing his word that Vote bank politics has ruined the nation Modi said only politics of development can help India achieve its dreams.

Modi made a strong pitch for making India the 21st century power. "The 21st century is the century of knowledge and I believe it can be India's century. The youth is the new age power for the country. It has to be harnessed. Let us make 'Made in India' a global brand. Let us upgrade the technology and make the world our dumping markets.

Modi focused on the positive growth that young Indians need to pursue as he emphasised upon the need to have better teachers and a scientific educational system in the nation.

Taking a swipe at the Congress, Modi said the growing strength of the country’s youth was considered by some politicians as only ‘new-age voters’ and said this is the cause of hopelessness in India.

An audience that is among the beneficiaries of Manmohan Singh’s liberalisation heard out Modi in pin-drop silence because he projected himself as the next multiplier force of reform the class blessed by it can hope to have.

Concluding his speech Modi drew a clear line between 'government' and 'governance' as he said, "Minimum government and maximum governance is my creed.  The government has no business to do business. The country has been ruined because of vote-bank politics. Development alone is the solutions to all problems. . And for that we should have skill, scale and speed. Now  It's time for development politics."

Meanwhile, the congress party – a major alliance in United Progressive Alliance (UPA) lead Indian government remained unimpressed with the Gujarat chief minister’s address.  
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