Smartphones to act as versatile keys for access control

Sunday, January 06, 2013
Researchers have claimed to develop a new software
that will enables your smartphones to act as versatile
key for more secure access control  
Washington: Now, opening your car and home doors using smartphone apps will be more secure and versatile as researchers have developed new software that will enables the technology allows enterprise employees to access offices and other enterprise premises using digital access control tokens stored on their mobile phones.

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT in Darmstadt, Germany, will be demonstrating their ShareKey software, a solution to popularise the method.

ShareKey works using the Near Field Communication (NFC) transmission standard, which allows data to be exchanged wirelessly over short ranges of up to a few centimeters.

The technology enables the phone to emulate a contactless smartcard that can be used with standard contactless smartcard readers.

The ShareKey app allows an enterprise to distribute and manage the digital access control tokens of its employees in an efficient and controlled way. Tokens can be issued and revoked remotely, delegated to other employers or visiting guests, and support context-aware and time-limited access control policies.

Storing and handling digital access control tokens on a mobile phone raises risks of being targeted by attacks. Particularly, in the context of enterprise usage scenarios attackers may be motivated to perform sophisticated attacks. These risks are addressed by the underlying platform security architecture, which protects digital access control tokens on the smartphone. 
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