India: Delhi CM leads protest for justice in gang-rape case

Wednesday, January 02, 2013
Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit
 leads protest for justice and security
 for women following the New
Delhi's gang-rape incident 
New Delhi: Despite the shivering cold New Delhi residents on Wednesday took to street demanding justice in the gang-rape that resulted in death of a 23-year-old girl last week.   
The Wednesday march was called by the city's Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, who attended with members of her cabinet and continued to draw followers as they wound through the city.

Dikshit -- and the central government -- have themselves been the target of protest over women's safety in the wake of the incident.

The incident provoked nationwide outrage. Indians were shocked when news spread of the brutal beating and sexual assault allegedly perpetrated by five men and a teenage boy on December 16.

The unnamed woman died of her injuries on Saturday, sparking further anger amid middle class citizens demanding gender equality.

This protester says women are not safe on the streets of New Delhi and the only way to stop this kind of violence is to punish offenders harshly.

The suspects are currently in custody.

Police announced on Tuesday that they would ask prosecutors to seek the death penalty for her adult attackers.

Experts say India is plagued with violence targeting women, including rape, dowry murders, acid attacks, honor killings and child marriages.
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