Death toll rises in Egypt deadly clashes

Sunday, January 27, 2013
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Cairo: Death toll from rioting in the coastal city Port Said has reached 31, Egyptian authorities said.  

The clash erupted after a court handed down death sentences over last year's deadly football riot.  Army enforcements are being deployed to the area to restore order.

Clashes broke out Saturday between relatives of those sentenced to death and police guarding the prison where those convicted are being held.  The violence spread with reports of rival groups of football fans firing live rounds at each other and police.

Those clashes were between fans of the Port Said soccer club Al-Masry and the Cairo team Al-Ahly.

Although the clashes occured in Port Said, the men were tried and convicted in a court in Cairo.

Another 52 defendents are awaiting verdicts in the case, and an announcement is expected on March 9.
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