Algeria hostage crisis justifies Mali intervention, says Hollande

Friday, January 18, 2013
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Paris: French President, Francois Hollande on Friday said that the ongoing hostage crisis in Algeria proved that French military intervention in Mali is justified.

"What's happening in Algeria justifies the decision I made on behalf of France to help Mali in conformity with the United Nations' charter and as response to (Malian) president's request, "  Hollande was quoted saying by China’s state news agency Xinhua.  

Hollande's statement comes close on the heels of his announcement to send about 3,000 more troops to in order to help African nation’s government to battle with the Islamist militants who control the country's north.

Al-Qaida-linked Islamic extremists seized control of northern Mali soon after renegade soldiers toppled the government in March, leaving a temporary power vacuum.  The militants have imposed harsh conservative Islamic law across the north.

Mali is a former French colony and France still has a variety of economic and political interests there.

Meanwhile, Mali's interim President Dioncounda Traore has declared a state of emergency and has called on "every Malian to help in the war effort."
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