Evelyn Lozada goes naked for anti-fur campaign

Friday, December 14, 2012
Evelyn Lozada in new PETA ad
[PHOTO: © PETA/Drexina Nelson]
Washington: Holiday shopping is in full force, and star of VH1's Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada wants shoppers to cross fur and fur trim off their shopping lists. 

Evelyn—a former fur-wearer who had a change of heart and gave up fur for good after she saw for herself how animals suffer on fur farms—recently unveiled her cheeky new winter-themed naked anti-fur ad

In the PETA ad, shot by top celebrity photographer Drexina Nelson, Evelyn aims to show the world that “a woman does not need to wear fur to be glamorous or beautiful.”

According to PETA activists, "every fur coat, fur trinket, and bit of fur trim caused an animal tremendous suffering—and took away a life." 

Evelyn realized this when she saw the video footage of animals on fur farms and said, "You can verbalize what happens to these animals a thousand times, but [when] you see it, it definitely clicks in—and it did for me."
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