Utah to unveil ‘plug-free’ electric bus

Sunday, November 11, 2012

North Logan, Utah: Out of the laboratories and onto the roadways, Utah State University will unveil the first electric bus developed and designed by a United States organization using wireless power to charge its batteries. 

The "Aggie Bus" is the first ever to receive wireless energy of up to 25 kilowatts with more than 90 percent efficiency over an air gap of 6 inches.  The Aggie Bus is the historic beneficiary of power levels and efficiency specifications that are firsts in the U.S. for a system of this kind and the combined performance that is unique in the world.

Based on the same theory that currently enables consumers to wirelessly charge toothbrushes and cell phones, USU has expanded the technology to levels and efficiencies that are unprecedented. 

Last year, USU conducted laboratory demonstrations that proved the first high-power, high-efficiency wireless power transfer system capable of transferring enough energy to quickly charge an electric vehicle.

By carefully applying a mix of modern advances in engineering and Tesla's principles of induction, Dr. Hunter Wu and his team have solved one of today's vexing problems in w. Their research has led to the development of a robust prototype, which has been fitted to the Aggie Bus, and delivers power over an air gap where no physical contact is required.

Wireless power transfer technology touts a multitude of benefits to consumers which includes greater reliability due to no moving parts or cords, added convenience through the elimination of plug-in charging, safety insurance by eradicating the risk of electrocution, and aesthetically pleasing devices as a result of no visible wiring.

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