Top 5 Hollywood inspired holiday destinations

Friday, November 30, 2012
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New Delhi: With the winter season upon us our thoughts are turning to warmer lands. Many of us will be planning to jet off soon, for festive celebrations or to pay a visit to loved ones abroad. But with so many holiday options it can be difficult to decide on the perfect destination.

As Hollywood movies have always been a continuing source of inspiration to many of us, it seems only fitting that we take a look at some of our favourite blockbusters to conjure up ideas for stunning hotel destinations.

Here are five suggestions of movie inspired holidays to help you plan your break this Christmas.

1. The Descendants   - Hawaii, U.S.A

The Oscar winning The De scendants was released in 2011 and focuses on the story of Matt King, played by George Clooney, as he tries to reconnect with his two young daughters following a boating accident that left his wife seriously injured. The movie is set across the gorgeous backdrop of Hawaii and features stunning settings, such as the Hanalei Bay beach and Kipu Ranch, a former sugarcane plantation.

2.  Lord of the Rings   - Wellington, New Zealand

Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings franchise has provided a huge boost in tourism to New Zealand. With the release of the hugely anticipated The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey set to take cinemas by storm in December, there is no doubt that true fans of the fantasy trilogy will be flocking to Wellington to get their very own taste of the Middle Earth.

3. Midnight in Paris   - Paris, France

Woody Allen's 2011 romantic comedy, Midnight in Paris , is a loving tribute to the cinematic classic, City of Lights. Much of the film is set in the beautiful Palace of Versailles, with filming locations including the Rodin and Orangerie Museums, the Hotel Le Bristol and the Arc de Triomphe. The quintessentially French backdrop gives a taste of the beauty and culture that Paris has to offer.

4. Casino Royale   - Nassau, The Bahamas

The huge success of the latest James Bond instalment, Skyfall , has inspired tourists from across the globe to visit the English capital.

However, it is Casino Royale that has made the list for the gorgeous scenes of Nassau in The Bahamas. Bond's luxurious villa comes courtesy of the One and Only Ocean Club Hotel and his drive through the Chateau de Versailles inspired Versailles Gardens looks too tempting to miss out on.

5.  Mamma Mia   - Crete, Greece

The 2008 Mamma Mia romantic comedy film is an adaptation of the musical that has been touring the West End and Broadway since 1999. Behind the story of the young bride-to-be searching for her father and the uplifting ABBA songs is the gorgeous Crete setting. The vibrant Greek island, with its clear blue sea and White Mountains, has attracted holiday goers from the world over to enjoy the unspoilt beaches and soak up the romantic scenery.
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