UN Secretary Council passes resolution to resolve children-armed conflict

Thursday, September 20, 2012
Children and armed conflicts have victimised children
and youngsters across many countries including Syria,
Sudan and Yemen  over past years [File Photo: WFP]
Washington: For the first time since the Security Council held its first open debate on children and armed conflict in 1999, the council has backed the naming and shaming of governments and armed groups that recruit, kill, or sexually attack children in armed conflicts.

A resolution on the issue was adopted on September,19 by United Nations without full support from the Council.

Eleven members of the Security Council voted in favor of the resolution, which called for continued annual reports by the UN secretary-general identifying countries and groups that victimise youngsters.

It calls on member states to bring those responsible for such violations to justice.

China, Russia, Pakistan, and Azerbaijan abstained from the vote, arguing the issue was beyond the scope of Security Council's mandate.

The Secretary-General's latest report on children and armed conflict, released in June, named 52 parties on its 'list of shame' of those who practice the specified abuses. It included four new parties in Sudan, Yemen and Syria.

The reports on issue said children in Pakistan were being used by armed groups allied to Islamist extremists to carry out suicide attacks and were themselves victims of attacks.
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