UN condemns anti-Islam film, calls for restrain in protests

Friday, September 21, 2012
UNHCR spokesperson Rupert Colville while addressing reporters
in Geneva
[PHOTO: UNifeed] 
Geneva: The High Commissioner for Human Rights today condemned the film "Innocence of Muslims" as well as the publication of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, but called for restraint in protests against them.  

UNHCR's spokesman, Robert Colville, said that the film, in particular, "portrays a disgracefully distorted image of Muslims" and that "both the film and cartoons are malicious and deliberately provocative."   He said the High Commissioner understood why people are protesting the film and the cartoons, calling for them to do so peacefully.  

Some 30 people have been killed in protests linked to the film, Colville said, and the Office utterly condemned these killings. 

The Human Rights Office called on political and religious leaders to make all efforts to restore calm and welcomed the role played by senior Muslim figures who are urging people to rise above these "stupid provocations." -UNifeed
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