Test your singing skills with new app

Tuesday, September 04, 2012
London: Following the "Draw Something" phenomenon that hit the app stores just a few months ago, now comes an app that singing fans will love - "Sing Me Something"! It's karaoke with a twist.

The exciting new Sing Me Something app is refreshing, fun and a great way of socialising with fellow musical enthusiasts.

Unlike any other app out there, it is purely based around your love of singing and getting to guess the songs, which means it can appeal to everyone from 8 to 80!

At only $1.99 (GBP1.49), this app is an absolute bargain when it comes to keeping you entertained and relieving boredom. An addictive and family friendly app, it is a great test of both your singing skills and musical recognition.

Sing Me Something's founders, Thomas De Vos and Askin Akhan, have created a fun game which has a great concept where regular people can become their pop icons.

A player is given a selection of three songs (complete with melody and lyrics to help the player achieve the best recording possible) then picks a tune, sings and records it for another user to listen to. The other player then has to guess what the song is!

Players can either play randomly and compete with people from anywhere in the world, or they can invite Facebook friends to join them on Sing me something and have a great time socialising with friends, family and colleagues whilst having fun.

Ideal for regular travellers or commuters too, the Sing Me Something app is great to play wherever you are. The next step up from Draw Something, this app promises to be even more entertaining, inventive, energetic and above all, sociable than any other.

Sing Me Something is available on iPhone app store and at the Android app market, and allows users to save their songs, access play stats and even rank other people's singing talents, making it a great all-rounder.
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