Syrians have to decide their own destiny: Russia

Saturday, September 01, 2012
Sergey Lavrov
Moscow: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the differences between Russia and the Western countries over the crisis in Syria are deep, Syrain news agency SANA reported.

Addressing the students and professors of the International Relations University in Moscow on Saturday, Lavrov underscored that only the Syrians are capable of solving the crisis in Syria far from any foreign interference.

He expressed confidence that "the only available solution is the one which the Syrians adopt and they should decide their destiny by themselves," pointing out that the Security Council has no authorities to pass any solution in contrary to that or to support any foreign interference in the countries affairs.

Lavrov added that some Western and regional countries insist on the flagrant military intervention in Syria's internal affairs, while Russia and China and other countries insist on the need of halting the acts of violence and finding peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

Lavrov stressed that it is not objective to ask the Syrian government to unilaterally pullback the military forces and vehicles from the cities.

He said that any interference in the Syrian affair should be positive, adding "Any foreign influential player should play a role to stop violence, and this is what we have talked about in Geneva."

He reiterated those who see that the only way to settle the crisis in Syria is through offering military support to the opposition are behaving according to their geopolitical interests in this important region, not for the interests of the Syrian people.
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