New iPad app understands conversations in real time

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
San Francisco: A technology startup based in San Francisco, came out of stealth mode to announce the upcoming availability of their first product, MindMeld, a group voice and video calling app for the iPad. 

MindMeld is the first app that can analyze and understand your conversations in real-time in order to anticipate information you may need as you talk. The iPad app proactively finds and displays relevant information during your conversations so that you can quickly jog your memory, share important facts on the fly and brainstorm more effectively.

Expect Labs created MindMeld as the first demonstration of its underlying technology platform, called the Anticipatory Computing Engine. Designed to fundamentally change the way we have conversations, this platform continuously analyzes multi-party discussions in real-time to extract their underlying meaning. Using advanced language modeling and analysis, this platform can understand the past 10 minutes of your conversation to predict the information you may need in the next 10 seconds. It then proactively finds and displays relevant information from your social graph or across the web so you are never without the facts you may need.

"In just a few years, computing devices will be everywhere: in your hand, on the table in front of you, on the wall next to you and even in your glasses. In this world, the way you find information changes fundamentally. Today, you run a search, get a result and are done. Tomorrow, our computing devices will pay attention continuously, anticipate what information might be relevant, and be ready at a moment's notice to give you the exact information you need," said CEO and co-founder Timothy Tuttle.

MindMeld is currently in closed beta, but is expected to be available for download in October as a first-of-its-kind voice calling app for the iPad. Later this year, app's makers will enhance it to include high-quality group video calling as well.
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