New iOS app adds another dimension to trash free seas effort

Sunday, September 16, 2012
Washington: A new free iOS app is launching to help users improve their sustainable lifestyle while simultaneously helping the ocean. Rippl, designed by Invoke Media, helps people make simple changes that transform their habits, save them money and decrease their trash impact.

Rippl is launching in conjunction with the International Coastal Cleanup, which Ocean Conservancy has led for 27 years to empower people to take action through the world's largest volunteer effort for the ocean. Last year, more than 600,000 people picked up nine million pounds of trash. The data collected during the Cleanup helps provide a snapshot of what trash ends up along our beaches and in our ocean.

"We see calls for sustainable living all over – from grocery stores selling reusable bags to coffee shops giving discounts for bringing your own mug – but the only way it will make a difference is if people remember and adopt those good habits," said Sara Thomas, who led Ocean Conservancy's development of the app.

While Rippl was designed to help users contribute to a collective impact to reduce trash, it will also help researchers study this impact. Ocean Conservancy is teaming up with Arizona State University researchers to help analyze data the app will provide based on the user experience and perceived behavior changes.

"Trash is a preventable, human-generated problem that affects our ocean," added Nicholas Mallos, Ocean Conservancy's marine debris specialist.  "Incremental steps, when added collectively, can make a huge difference for our ocean. That is the point behind Rippl – to create a Rippl Effect."
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