Indian cartoonist out on bail

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Mumbai: Aseem Trivedi, a political cartoonist has been released after being jailed on sedition charges for drawings that mocked corruption in India's government.

Aseem Trivedi [File Photo]
Aseem left a prison in Mumbai Wednesday after a local high court granted him bail.

Trivedi, whose sketches often mock the government for corruption, accepted bail after the city's High Court said on Tuesday that he could be released on a bond of Rs. 5,000.

Trivedi was arrested last week after a private complaint about his cartoons, one of which depicted India's parliament building as a toilet bowl.  His arrest created a furour in the country and rekindled debate on freedom of speech in India, where activists have accused the government of being intolerant of criticism.

Upon leaving jail, Trivedi raised his fist and declared the battle against censorship in India will continue.  He accused authorities of blocking freedom of speech across the country.

India's ruling coalition has been facing charges of corruption, including alleged irregularities in the award of coal fields to private companies.

The government has refuted the corruption allegations.
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