Villagers Flee as river flows above danger mark in north India

Monday, August 06, 2012
The Sarayu river is flowing above danger mark. PHOTO ©

Lucknow: The flow of river Sarayu above its danger mark has forced villagers to leave their homes in search of a safer haven.

The river near Uttar Pradesh’s Faizabad is running about 10 centimetres higher than the danger mark.

The residents of around nine villages have started migrating to safer places alleging apathy at the hands of local administration.

In Uttar Pradesh other rivers like Rapti is flowing above the danger mark at Bhinga (Shravasti), river Budhi Rapti is flowing at danger mark at Siddharthnagar, official said.

Ganga is rising in Kannauj, Kanpur dehat, Kanpur, Dalmau, Allahabad, Mirzapur, Varanasi, Ghazipur and Ballia while river Yamuna is flowing at danger mark in Mavi and rising in Naini (Allahabad).

According the report of the Central Water Commission, the Sharda is flowing one meter above the danger mark at Palliakalan in Kheri district while the Ghagra is flowing above the mark at Elgin Bridge in Barabanki, Ayodhya in Faizabad and Turtipar in Ballia districts.
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