Ramdev raises issue of farmer suicide, demands for the abolishment of Land Acquisition Act

Friday, August 10, 2012

New Delhi: As his fast entered the second day on Friday, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev raises the issue of farmer suicide and also asked to abolish Land Acquisition Act.

Addressing packed crowd here at Ramlial Maidan,, Ramdev said, “ We have cleared our agenda,. Now it’s a government’s turn to take a stand. Till they don't, we will not leave from here."

Ramdev asked the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to show "political honesty and political will" in bringing back black money stashed away abroad which can be spent on empowering the people in India.

Meanwhile, he also claimed that terrorism and Naxalism in the country can be tackled if the government controls the flow of black money and the rising inflation. 

“Why the government is not acting on the corrupt people, despite of the fact that the government have the list of people who have stashed away black money in foreign shores, “said yoga guru.

“We don't want the names of those people to be disclosed, but should disclose the amount at least. What ‘s the harm in it? Why is the government reluctant?" he questioned.

He insisted that India can reach on the zenith of ‘super power’ in the world and armed forces can be empowered more  in comparison with China and US if the government take some concrete steps to bring back black bucks.

 “If black money comes back, the prices of commodity will reduce... taxes will reduce,” he added.

As the fast for second day begun thousands of people have thronged to Ramlia Maidan to witness the historic stir for the anti-graft movement.

Striking chord with the endless crowd Ramdev asked his supporters to join him in his anti-corruption movement as 'trainees' in Haridwar, where they can fast for a longer time.

He demanded a strong Lokpal to be passed in the ongoing session in Parliament.

Making impassioned plea yoga guru urged the government to pass at least ‘99% Lokpal Bill’. “We know there are some issues on which there are differences but those can be sorted out by consensus. Some of the amendments can be done later,” he said.

Ramdev's protest comes a week after Anna Hazare called off his fast and disbanded his team which has decided to take a political plunge.

Ramdev's fast will ends on Saturday. Delhi Police has given the organisers permission to host 30,000 people a day. The yoga guru has been allowed to hold the ground till Aug 30.
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