Olympic baton handover to Rio on Sunday

Saturday, August 11, 2012
London: It’s not just the events in the Olympic stadium and arenas that have captured the interest of the worldwide media.

They have been reporting on everything else that is going on in London too, including a vast menu of cultural events.

The London Media Centre has hosted 9000 newspaper journalists, photographers and broadcasters from more than 100 countries.

For athletes, officials and journalists the London experience has been a big success.

American Olympian Esther Lofgren: "I've just had such a great time here. The volunteers have been amazing. Been based out of Eaton and being here in London, it's been great getting around on the public transport. I know there are all these warnings about things, but I have actually had a great experience here."

And after Sunday London 2012 will become Rio 2016.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London: "There is a great deal of satisfaction because I feel, but I don't know if you agree, that we've done a pretty good job of running the Olympics in 2012. And of course there will be a great deal of sadness that for us the Olympics will be over."

And Rio knows it has a tough act to follow.

Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes: "You just did the greatest games ever. And I really want to congratulate Mayor Johnson for leading the city of London into these great games."
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