Haiti: Death toll from Tropical storm Isaac reaches 19, confirms govt.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012
[PHOTO: Unifeed] 
Port-au-Prince: According to Haitian government and news reports the death toll from Tropical storm Isaac which hit Haiti late Friday night has reached 19.

About 50 shelters were entirely destroyed in the Bord Riviere Grise internally displaced persons (IDP) camp.

On Saturday (25 August) morning, people were trying to recover the few belongings they could find amongst the destroyed shelters.

While riverbeds were still rising, La Plaine inhabitants were gathering, desperate to find a safe place walking their way through flooded roads.

According to the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Haiti's Permanent Secretariat for Disaster Risk Management (SPGRD) today lifted the red alert.

However, SPGRD warned of persistence of storms with heavy rains and the risk of flooding. The government advises residents in vulnerable areas to remain vigilant.

The International Office for Migrations (IOM), the UN Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)  and twenty Non Governmental Organization partners have conducted  field assessments in IDP camps in the West department and identified specific shelter needs for more than 6000 families.

Distributions of non food items took place today and will continue tomorrow.  Relevant government agencies with the Haitian Red Cross, along with the Haitian National Police and IOM, began closing evacuation shelters in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area and are assisting the evacuees to return.  Returning evacuees were provided with a kit of two tarpaulins, hygiene supplies, aquatabs and additional high-energy biscuits.

Beyond the immediate humanitarian needs that are being addressed by the Government of Haiti and its partners, there remain concerns for cholera prevention and food security associated with crop losses due to the recent drought and now Tropical Storm Isaac.

With schools closed for summer holidays, there is no immediate impact on the children's education. However, education partners are closely monitoring the situation to limit damage to infrastructure and material damage, especially in schools serving as emergency centres.

The national Water and Sanitation Authority (DINEPA) also activated its emergency cell in collaboration with UNICEF and partners. - Unifeed
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