Dating: Brits prefer nice face over great body, finds study

Saturday, September 01, 2012
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London: New stats from a social discovery platform show that UK men like their women to be more Kelly Brook and less Kate Moss. When looking for a date 27% of men wanted a curvy silhouette compared to only 2% who were after a supermodel shape.

But both men and women agreed that a nice face was more desirable than a great body. When asked to name the most important feature they look for, both sexes chose nice eyes and a great smile.

With 22 % of men looking for nice eyes and 20% wanting a cute smile compared with 8% who think a good bum is most important, 7% who want great breasts and 3% looking for perfect pins in their partner.

Women are pretty similar, 25 % want nice eyes and 22% a sexy smile compared with 3.7% who think a good bum is most important, 2.7% who want a muscled man and 2% looking for a sexy six-pack.

Other findings include:

Manchester loves marriage. For those wishing to avoid the clenches of marriage steer clear of the marriage mad Manchester, where 58.3% see 'putting a ring on it as an important commitment compared to 25 %. in Liverpool .

Men should grab themselves a good hair cut, slap on some moisturiser and make sure they brush their teeth when looking to attract a Liverpudlian lady, as these ladies are most interested in a nice smile, facial features and hair. In contrast, Mancunian women are more interested in body parts below the neck.

Marriage is still important. The UK Twoo users think marriage is an important institution with 56% saying it is either an 'important commitment', 'the ultimate dream' or 'essential'. Contrast this with 45% in Germany, 44% in France and only 31% in Belgium.

British men are more romantic than the French. The stereotypically amorous French aren't so romantic, Only 55% of French women consider themselves romantics, but even fewer French men - 46%. Brit men win with 52% confessing to love a bit of romance.

Older women want a nice smile. Men need to make sure they look after their teeth as a great smile becomes increasingly more important with age.

Gentleman prefer blondes. Twoo's research backs up Marilyn Monroe's belief that blondes really do trump brunettes for the most seductive locks in the battle of the barnets, however it seems racy red heads are not far behind.

Women in their 30's love brainy men. With 28% considering this the most important trait in a partner.

The study by was based on the behaviour on their 8.8 million monthly unique visitors.
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