Beirut bombing: Victims urge Obama to sign and enforce Iran sanctions bill

Monday, August 06, 2012
The explosion of the Marine Corps building in Beirut, Lebanon
on October 23, 1983 created a large cloud of smoke
that was visible from miles away.
Washington: Surviving victims and families who lost loved ones in the 1983 Beirut bombing  praised Congress for passing the Iran Sanctions Bill and called upon President Obama to sign the legislation and direct his Justice Department to enforce all provisions in the new law.

In a statement issued to the press, the group said, “The United States Department of Justice has filed briefs in American courts in at least four cases, supporting Iranian lawyers, who are attempting to stop Iranian terrorism victims from collecting court awarded judgments against that country.”

The legislation, which passed the House Wednesday by a 421 to 6 vote and by a unanimous voice vote in the Senate, contains provisions that clarify and strengthen existing law, making it easier for American victims of the two bombings to collect their judgments against Iran, which total $2.65 billion.

“During the course of collection litigation Department of Justice lawyers, have filed several briefs seeking to prevent collection. They maintain that forcing Iran to pay the judgments infringes upon the ability of the United States to conduct foreign policy,” victims said.

“Iran should realize that Americans back each other when it comes to protecting our country and its citizens,” the group asserted.

It stated that President Obama has two opportunities to make Iran pay for "murdering 241 American servicemen" in Beirut.

The victims further said, “The first is to sign the Iran Sanctions Bill as soon as possible. The second is to stop his Administration from trying to keep American terrorism victims from obtaining justice from Iran.”

Expressing their hopes, the group concluded, “White House will hold to its promise not to tolerate any work-around when it comes to Iran sanctions.”
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