Rahul Gandhi to play new political inning, says ready for a bigger role

Friday, July 20, 2012
Rahul Gandhi [File Photo]
New Delhi: Amid raising clamour by the Senior Congress leader to assign him a ‘bigger role’ in the party, Congress general secretary on Thursday indicated that he was ready for a more proactive role in the government or the party organisation.

Talking to reporters after casting his vote in the presidential election Rahul Gandhi said. “ I have decided to play a ‘bigger role’ for party, the decision has been taken and it has been under discussion of the party leadership.”

The Congress is looking at big changes within the party either in terms of state or central level. A reshuffle in government is likely to follo, as early as before the vice-president's election on August 7.

Notably, Rahul's confirmation about his move to take responsibility for the party came a day after his mother and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi said Rahul was free to take any major responsibility as he had to decide on his future role and nobody could decide on his behalf.

The move is set to stir the political pot beyond Congress. Any movement away from the minor AICC charge of youth outfits will project Rahul as the Congress face for the Lok Sabha contest, a possibility which would have implications for intra-party equations while also nudging rival BJP to factor it in its strategy.

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