London Olympics: Delivery Authority acts to protect park-and-ride sites against wet summer

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
London 2012 Mascot
[PHOTO: David Poultney/ODA/LOCOG] 
London: The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has acted to ensure that a network of park and ride services for spectators remains open throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games, despite this summer’s record rainfall – adding new sites, making additional shuttle bus services available and strengthening weather proofing plans.

Some sites that have been rated as high risk due to this summer’s bad weather are being dropped from London 2012 plans as a precaution. These are at the sailing venue at Weymouth & Portland, the mountain biking course at Hadleigh Farm in Essex and some sites being used for the football venues in Glasgow and Coventry.

Instead, a new site has been found for Hadleigh Farm, an alternative will be used for Weymouth & Portland and augmented bus shuttle services laid on from the city centres at Coventry and Glasgow.

A programme of works has been ordered to ‘weather-proof’ all ODA sites and those that will remain in use have been strengthened with additional layer protection measures and surface treatment products. In addition, the ODA is looking to optimise use of all available space including rotating parking bays to minimise impact.

“Even before the worst of the summer rain hit Britain, we were reviewing whether our park-and-ride and park-and-walk sites were robust enough to stay open, come what may. The steps we have taken will ensure that there is sufficient provision for everyone who wants to use their car for part of the journey, and that existing sites do not become waterlogged even if there is more rain,” said ODA’s Director of Transport, Hugh Sumner.

Summer asserted, “We’re confident our plans remain robust and we’re in close contact with the relevant authorities to ensure people can get to their events safely and on time. The message to spectators remains the same – book your travel tickets now, arrive early and check the site for updates regularly.”
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