ICC lawyer pleads against 'fair trial' on Gaddafi’s son

Monday, July 09, 2012
Tripoli:The lawyer of Saif al-Islam, the most prominent son of slain Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, says that he will not receive a fair trial in his native country.

Melinda Taylor, an International Criminal Court lawyer, who was released days ago after being detained in Libya for attempting to pass an encrypted message to Saif a-Islam, says that it’s impossible for her client to receive a trail in an “independent and impartial manner."

Her comments come after he was released from being detained by Libyan authorities in the town of Zintan, where Saif al-Islam is currently being held by an armed militia group on behalf of the National Transitional Council. 

Her client has been officially indicted by the ICC for crimes against humanity, which were committed during the Libyan uprising and the subsequent civil war which occurred last year. She is expected to write and submit a full report to the ICC this week.

Despite her claims, and the previous concerns expressed by ICC officials and prosecutors, Libyan authorities are convinced that Saif al-Gaddafi should be trailed in the country and not be trailed at the ICC court at The Hague, in the Netherlands. 

Taylor and her colleagues were released last week Monday, with the ICC offering an apology to Libyan authorities over what happened, and has promised to investigate the matter. 
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