Heavy rain in Beijing claims 37 lives

Monday, July 23, 2012
Beijing: The heaviest rain in six decades in Chinese capital has brought the life to a halt as at least 37 were killed and nearly two million people displaced from their homes.

A seen of heavy rain in Beijing. Photo: china.org.cn 
The rains, which drenched Beijing for close to 12 hours starting Saturday evening, triggered a massive clean-up operation on Sunday as the local government mobilised 12,000 people to drain 1 million cubic meters of waters from the city’s streets.

Among the victims, 25 had drowned, while six died after their homes in suburban Beijing collapsed.
The rains have caused multiple damages to roads and bridges, including 31 road cave-ins. More than 1,200 houses or buildings have seen leakages and 736 houses were flooded.

Train services were suspended and more than 80,000 people were reportedly left stranded at the capital airport, while at least 50,000 residents had to be relocated due to flooding, officials said.

Notably, as per local authority information at least 37 people were reported killed so far.
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