Canada to contribute US$1.5 million for Interpol project combating organised crime and drug trafficking in Americas

Friday, July 06, 2012
Interpol Headquarters in Lyon, France
[Credit: Massimiliano Mariani]  
Lyon: Canada is to contribute nearly one and a half million US dollars for an Interpol-led project to combat transnational crime related to illicit drug trafficking in the Americas.

Interpol’s Regional Intelligence Gathering and Criminal Analysis project will provide equipment and training in intelligence gathering and criminal analysis techniques to local and regional law enforcement agencies across Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean to better respond to drug-related crimes.

“Implementing a regional approach to counter the rampant drug trade in the Americas is critical to local and international security. We must continue to build the capacity of law enforcement agencies to stay one step ahead of these sophisticated criminal networks,” said Canada’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Diane Ablonczy.

“It is through the implementation of our shared objectives with trusted partners that we can mitigate the criminal activity and violence associated with illicit drug trafficking.

“Working to accomplish these common goals allows countries throughout the hemisphere to improve safety for their citizens and visitors,” concluded Minister Ablonczy.

Interpol’s Director of Capacity Building and Training, Dale Sheehan, welcomed the support as a significant boost to the world police body’s ability to assist its member countries identify and dismantle the transnational organized crime networks behind the illicit trafficking of drugs.

“Canada’s support recognizes the important role that Interpol’s global network plays in supporting law enforcement in tackling national, regional and global crime issues,” said Sheehan.

“This project will see police officers  in the Americas further develop skills in order to fully exploit research and analysis to support their investigations, thereby enhancing their ability to combat crime and protect citizens.”

Sheehan added, “This financial contribution to Interpol’s Regional Intelligence Gathering and Criminal Analysis project is testimony to Canada’s commitment to capacity building.”

The funding comes through Canada’s Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program (ACCBP) which supports efforts by countries in the Americas to prevent and respond to threats posed by transnational organized crime networks.
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