$35m mansion owner attempts to sell property via Hollywood movie and iPad app!

Monday, July 16, 2012
Exterior of Carbon Mesa 

Malibu: It's never been done before. The owner of a 6-acre estate above California's "Billionaire's Beach" is attempting to sell the property by featuring it in a plot-driven movie filmed in and around the house.

Rather than simply listing her 6-acre, $35 million Malibu estate for sale, DeeAnna Staats hired a Hollywood director to shoot a 3-minute action film in and around her home.

DeeAnna Staats,
Owner of Carbon Mesa 
She then created a custom app that allows the user to "visit" Malibu and explore every room in the house - all in a choice of ten languages. Her team at Staats & Co. ships the film and app to prospective buyers across the globe on gift-wrapped iPads.

Interior of Carbon Mesa 
The property, called "Carbon Mesa," is a 9,500 square foot mansion that offers 180-degree views from every room. It features 4,500 square feet of outdoor patio space, two kitchens, six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a movie theatre and a wine cellar that can hold more than 800 bottles.

"Carbon Mesa is a unique and very emotional house and I wanted to present it to buyers in a creative way that would give them a real sense of the place and what it would be like to own it," explains executives at Staats.

Landside neighbours of the home include actors Ed Harris and Amy Madigan, composer David Foster and the recently divorced Frank and Jamie McCourt, the owners and sellers of The Los Angeles Dodgers.

Carbon Mesa Estate also overlooks the adjacent Carbon Beach, known locally as "Billionaire's Beach." 

Notably, neighbours at the beach include David Geffen (co-founder of DreamWorks), Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft), mega-philanthropist Eli Broad and Larry Ellison (co-founder and CEO of Oracle).
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