Smarter charging of mobile internet boosting consumer experience: Ericsson

Wednesday, June 06, 2012
Stockholm: Ericsson ConsumerLab has studied whether smarter traffic charging and management of mobile internet could improve the consumer experience, at the same time as securing operator revenue.

The 'Smarter Mobile Broadband' study is based on interviews with 2,300 mobile internet users aged between 16-59 years old in the US, UK, Indonesia and Brazil.

The study found that the most important reasons for a mobile internet user to choose a specific plan are: the network quality and coverage, the price for using data service, and how easy it is to understand the data plan.

It also reveals differences in how respondents react about traffic management and charging concepts. Some elements were deemed attractive in all markets, while some had appeal only in certain markets showing that offers and plans attractiveness vary among all countries in the world. 40-45% of respondents said they would use internet on their mobile phones more if they had access to better speed.
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