Indian HRD minister rules out possibility of rollback on common IIT test

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Kapil Sibal
New Delhi: While denying criticism and virtually ruling out switching back on the new proposal, the Union Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal on Monday said the government has no intent to impinge on the autonomy of the Indian Institutes of Technologies (IITs). 

Talking to reporters, Sibal said that this has been taken in accordance with the IIT Act passed by the Indian Parliament. 

The Minister termed it as unanimous decisions of the IIT Council. 

"There is no intent to impact on the IIT system autonomy....the exam that is being contemplated is to be set by the IIT itself," said Kapil Sibal.

"We have no desire to anyway directly or indirectly.... To protect the autonomy of IIT," he added. 

Notably, Sibal is leading a high-powered Indian delegation to co-chair the India-US education dialogue with the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.
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