Diplomacy stalls on Syria following another atrocity

Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Damascus: Syrian regime has came to an halt as diplomacy has been again stalled on Syria following clashes continued Monday, that could have been claimed lives of dozens of people in the latest battles between Syrian government forces and rebels.

The opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports more than 75 government soldiers were killed over the last few days as rebels intensified attacks on government checkpoints.

Interestingly enough, inspite of all these kind of atrocities Syrian state media have not acknowledged the casualties and there is no independent confirmation.

New clashes erupted in Idlib province late on Sunday and carried into Monday, killing at least two rebel fighters. The opposition Syrian National Council reported that government forces were using tanks, rocket launchers and artillery to repel rebels.

As the attacks continued, a European Union summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin failed to resolve differences in how to deal with Syria's 15-month long conflict.
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