Syria faces worldwide condemnation following Houla massacre

Monday, May 28, 2012

Damascus: Graphic unverified images purporting to show the bodies of men, women and children killed in the bombardment of Hama have been circulated by activists. Warning: Extremely disturbing images

-          United Nations Security Council has unanimously condemned the Syrian government for using heavy weapons in Houla where more than 90 civilians, including dozens of children, died last week.
-          Activists claim dozens killed in a fresh atrocity in Hama
-          Foreign ministers of Russia and the UK have condemned the fresh atrocity and have reiterated their commitment to the Annan plan in Syria
-          China feels deeply shocked by the large number of civilian casualties in Houla, and condemns in the strongest terms the cruel killings of ordinary citizens, especially woman and children.

The Syrian army's shelled and attacked the town of Houla in Homs province killing at least 41 people in the past 24 hours, an opposition group in the city said on Monday.

The violence reportedly began when security forces opened fire on an opposition protest in Houla.

Syrian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles opened fire on several neighbourhoods of Hama on Sunday after a series of attacks by rebel Free Syrian Army fighters on roadblocks and other positions manned by President Bashar al-Assad's forces, opposition sources said.

The dead included five women and eight children, the Hama Revolution Leadership Council said in a statement.

An emergency council meeting in New York on Sunday accused President Bashar al-Assad’s forces of unleashing havoc in the town, calling the bombardment of residential areas "an outrageous use of force" which violated international law.
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