Security situation around Indian Ocean is worrisome, proclaims India's Defence Minister

Tuesday, May 08, 2012
New Delhi: Describing the emerging security matrix in the Indian Ocean Region as “really complex”, with “some political developments” and worrisome factors, the Defence Minister  AK Antony today called upon the top brass of the Indian Navy to maintain high levels of preparedness at all times. Addressing the Naval Commanders Conference in New Delhi, Antony said, “We have a well-established material and training assistance programme with Indian Ocean Region countries for their capacity-building and enhancement”.

“Today, the security situation in our immediate neighbourhood has become really complex. Considering the challenges in the Indian Ocean Region, it is essential to maintain high levels of operational preparedness at all times. On the one hand, there are some political developments, and on the other hand, a number of other factors are a cause for worry and need to be factored into our preparations, both in the short-term and long-term ”, he said.

The Defence Minister said, India’s strategic location in the Indian Ocean and the professional capability of our Navy bestows upon us a natural ability to play a leading role in ensuring peace and stability in the Indian Ocean Region.

“The security of maritime activity through the sea-lanes in Indian Ocean is of crucial importance for the economic prosperity of our nation and that of the world. The free movement of trade and energy supplies and various economic activities such as fishing and extraction of mineral resources is equally crucial for economic security”, he added. 
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