London 2012: LOCOG tests Olympic Park

Monday, May 07, 2012

London: The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is carrying a full scale test of the Olympic Park from past few days as it delivers six final sporting test events as part of the London Prepares series. 

During the first comprehensive operational test of the Park and general spectator areas, testing focuses on security processes, ticketing operations, mobility services and Park-wide logistics, plus venue and sport-specific testing. 

11,000 workforce, including Games Makers, will be in operation as LOCOG deliver six major sports events in five venues over seven days - three Olympic and three Paralympic.

Over 140,000 spectators will watch 3,000 athletes take part in Hockey, Wheelchair Tennis, Water Polo, Athletics, Boccia and Paralympic Athletics.

At peak times over 60 Pedestrian Screening Areas at Stratford Gate and 15 at Greenway Gate will allow access for a minimum of 4,000 spectators to enter the Park each day. 

Seb Coe, LOCOG Chair said: “We are now in the final stages of the testing programme. Testing the Olympic Park and its operations is a hugely important part of our plans. 

“Over the last ten months, over 250,000 spectators have watched world-class sport as part of the 'London Prepares series' test event programme, and, in doing so, every one of them is helping us deliver the best possible Games this summer "

Debbie Jevans, LOCOG Director of Sport, said: “When this final group of events is delivered we will have carried out 42 test events in 12 months, across 28 venues, which is one of the most comprehensive testing programmes for an Olympic and Paralympic Games.  The coming days are the big final test of our Olympic Park operations and sporting venues and also our workforce, who have been excellent throughout all of the events.”

The Olympic Park is at its busiest as preparation for the Games continue. While delivering test events, work continues on temporary installation for London 2012 concessions and buildings due to be completed in early June, while sponsors complete their own installations including showcasing areas by early July. 

A large amount of work by broadcasters to cable around the Park will be completed by mid July, to ensure the general public get the best quality TV coverage of the Games, and landscaping and dressing the Park with flags and  banners will continue right up until Games time.
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