European Parliament this week: Crisis, FTT, gender pay gap and Ukraine

Monday, May 21, 2012
Strasbourg: Members of European Parliament (MEP) will once more debate over ways to improve Europe's economy during the May plenary session in Strasbourg.

Members will discuss the upcoming EU summit with European Commission president José Manuel Barroso as well as the proposal for a tax on financial transactions and the general strengthening of the EU economy.

As always, the summit on Wednesday will open with a debate between EU leaders and Parliament president Martin Schulz.

The economy:

The informal EU summit on growth will feature strongly in the Parliament's agenda with MEPs discussing on Tuesday with European Commission president José Manuel Barroso what they want to see EU leaders debate and decide when they meet the next day.

A financial transaction tax for Europe is debated and voted on this Wednesday. The EP wants to tighten the Commission proposal to include more trade and make evasion unprofitable. According to the economic affairs committee, the tax should be imposed even if certain member states oppose it.

Parliament vice-president Anni Podimata, who is responsible for steering the proposal through Parliament, will also be chatting with our fans on Facebook on Tuesday from 1645 CET.

Support for small and medium-sized companies and access to structural funds will be debated with the Council and Commission on Tuesday, while spending up to €82 billion in unspent EU money to promote youth employment is to be debated on Wednesday.

Also, closing the gender pay gap that sees women being paid less than men for equal work is back on the agenda, as is better protection for vulnerable consumers.

International affairs:

Turning to the world outside the EU, the political situation in the Ukraine ahead of EURO 2012 and the treatment of Yulia Tymoshenko will be discussed by MEPs on Tuesday, with a resolution put to the vote on Thursday. Trade relations with China are on the agenda for Tuesday.
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