Euro MPs urge political groups to grant discharge to all EU agencies

Friday, May 11, 2012

Brussels: Euro MPs have urged all political groups to grant discharge to the 24 specialised EU agencies established across Europe.

The vote on the discharge is scheduled for later today in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Jens Geier, Socialist & Democratic spokesman for budgetary control, "The EPP rapporteur Monica Macovei wants to postpone the discharge to the European Environment Agency, the European Medicines Agency and the European Food and Safety Agency. She argues that they need to make more savings and resolve alleged conflicts of interest. In our view postponing discharge is a disproportionate political reaction, since Ms Macovei does not even take the agencies' reactions into account. Additionally she criticises procedures that are beyond the agencies' powers to change."

Edit Herczog, S&D Group negotiator, "All agencies require scrutiny just as any other EU body but this should be proportionate. Where it is warranted, we must pinpoint specific issues which need addressing in individual bodies, but not by taking a generalised negative view which risks undermining the reputation and work of all agencies."

"We also believe that the people in the agencies take their tasks seriously and have responded to questions and challenges issued by the Parliament in its role as discharge authority. These agencies play a key role in delivering the goals and results of EU policies. They help make our food safer, our environment cleaner and flights safer and more secure. This is a clear benefit to all EU citizens," Herczog added.

Every year, the European Parliament is called to approve the execution of the EU institutions' budgets, including those of the European agencies. Euro MPs base their decision on reports made by the European Court of Auditors. 
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